Vegas Solitaire Draw One at Solitaro.COM
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This is a version of the Klondike Solitaire, but with some constraints. The same rules for moving cards apply. You can read the Klondike rules on the main page.

The main constraint is that you can browse the Stock pile only once. Once you reach the end of the Stock pile and that’s it. The game is over.

The Vegas Solitaire game is all about the Dollar score. You can find the dollar score below the game, on the right.

When you start a new game, your score is reduced by 52 USD. When you move a card to a Foundation pile, you get +5 USD. Your score is saved in a browser cookie. So, if you visit our site again, your previous result is going to be preserved. Of course, it will be reduced by 52 USD for the new game that is started automatically.

The game goal is to move as many cards as possible to the Foundation piles. More moved cards mean more dollars earned. The ultimate goal is to move all the cards to the Foundation piles, but since you can browse the Stock pile only once, this happens rather rarely.

Don’t get frustratred! It’s just a fun game!

You may wish to test different strategies when playing a game. The "Undo" button will allow you to go to the beginning of the particular Vegas Solitaire game. The score will be adjusted accordingly with each undo step.

The standard Solitaire rules are available on the main page

Congratulations, you won! It's only a game, but still.

Game over! No big deal, it's only a game.