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This is an online version of the famous Windows Solitaire game, responsible for billions of wasted working hours. We have tried to clone all the major features of the Microsoft Solitaire game.

If you don’t know how to play, then prepare to get addicted. The screen has four sections:

The top-left section is your Stock pile. If you click the top of the stock, a card is flipped to a pile next to it, called Waste.

The four Foundation piles are located on the right.

The seven Tableau piles are located at the bottom.

Your goal is to move all cards from the Stock/Waste/Tableau piles to the four Foundation piles.

You can move cards:

- From the Waste pile to the Foundation piles;
- From the Waste pile to the Tableau piles;
- From the Tableau piles to the Foundation piles;
- From one Tableau pile to another Tableau pile;
- From the Foundation piles back to the Tableau piles.

The Stock pile can be browsed multiple times.

Each Foundation pile holds the cards from a particular suite in the following order:

A, 2, 3, 4,..., J, Q, K

Basically, you can start to fill a Foundation pile when you place the opening Ace on it. Aces are cool!

Most of the action happens on the Tableau piles, though. You can stack the cards in a descending order, from King to 2. However, there is a twist. The colors have to be alternative. A red Queen can be placed only over a black King. The actual suite does not matter. It has to be black over red, or red over black. You can move a single card between the Tableaus, or a whole pile with consecutive cards.

When a hidden card from the Tableau is exposed, it is flipped automatically.

When a Tableau pile is freed, then it can be filled with a King. Kings are cool too.

Now, a few productivity tips:

- You can double-click a card from the Waste or Tableau piles in order to move it to a matching Foundation pile.
- You can right-click the other location of the screen to move all possible matching cards to the Foundation piles.
- You can undo an unlimited number of moves until the beginning of the particular game

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That’s it, pretty much.


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